E-Payment Gateway

Electronic payment services, can update your business processes especially the payment transaction. To take advantage of your customers easier access to reports, and save your company money on billing procedures, not compromising the quality and reliability, E- Payment utility is the most popular, convenient, easy to use, trackable and secure method. Mobile based electronic payment is a rapidly-adopting alternative payment method – especially in Asia and Europe. This product is specially aimed for high risk businesses who demand best-in-class ecommerce software and payment processing services. Instead of using the financial instruments like cash, cheque or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a digital or hard goods and wide range of services. ”

E-payments offer a way to reduce the cost of handling “paper check” payments. For Utility bill payments, a user can pay a bill from his mobile phone using USSD or Application. The utility payment gateway is connected with all utility bill companies live systems like electricity, telephone, etc. For money transfer to these utility companies this E-payment gateway can integrate with banking switches, Paypal, VISA and Master card etc. One of the strong features of E payment is the auditing and reporting where all transactions can be monitored and reports can be generated.

Commtel provides you the solution to securely connect mobile phones to financial networks through which credit card and other types of electronic payment transactions are sent, received, authorized, and settled.

Knowing the value of your transactions, we provide an advanced fraud protection system as a highly effective weapon against fraudulent transactions.

Mobile IVR Solutions

Commtel proudly brings the most innovative and cost effective Mobile IVR (Interactive Voice Response) managed services.

Mobile IVR is a technological solution that brings your current CTI based IVR solution on mobile phones. This solution has a great ROI where it reduces the cost for CTI per port from US$2500 to around US$500 per port and saving you around 60% for setup. The operational cost is also reduced as one agent can handle multiple customers at one time. The solution offers great experience to users and thus they use the IVR on the mobile more than the current CTI based IVR’s. The IVR application gives mobile users the ability to send email and text messages by speaking into the mobile devices, therefore broadening the interactivity between the consumer and the offer.

Main features of IVR Solutions are:

  • Development of a semi-thin CTI application on the mobile. Allowing routing and reporting functionality being moved from the server side to the client / mobile application.
  • Development of a thick IVR client on the mobile handset. This application has also been designed to allow the flexibility of personalized voice prompts.
  • Development of a GUI Interface that will enable users to interact with the contact centre, navigate the IVR menu choice and have accurate routing information provided to them about wait times.
  • Provide mobile advertisement via the Orexis GUI, whilst customers wait to be connected to agents.

Broadcasting Solution

Empowered by innovation, Commtel brings for you an efficient, safe and a more systemized broadcasting solution that can now make, edit, store and transmit your broadcasts around the world with ease. Commtel provides you with the whole digital broadcast production process; from production site to the viewers’ fingertips.

ERP on mobile for SAP

To deal with the current business challenges, business users are expected to handle critical tasks and decision making in real-time, no matter where they are.  Mobility of the information has become necessary.  You should have an access to crucial data, applications, and analytical tool all the time. Commtel provides you the solution through which you can look up your accounts in CRM and ERP on your Blackberry Smartphone.

This product is specially designed for both the core mobile users in the field and the business users who want anytime – anywhere access to their data , mobile applications extend the business processes to any device – for anytime, anywhere access – even in disconnected mode.

ERP Oracle

Today’s growing organizations need to be able to coordinate a great deal of information. Every business division, from materials management, production and finance, to HR, sales and marketing, needs to know exactly what action needs to be taken, where, and when.

The Oracle-based ERP software system provides a ‘control centre’ for the whole organization which grows with the needs of your business. It is cost effective and easy to use for small to medium sized organization. Information is updated by the users in real-time and accessible at any time to anyone who needs it.

Commtel provides you with the ERP solution which efficient, cost effective , and allow you to streamline your business operations while driving down costs and maximizing your ROI.Components include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory control, purchasing, MRP, bill of materials, product configuration, e-commerce and dashboards.