Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence now combines the power technologies and designs which allows you and the other participant to feel at one place. Telepresence transmits life-size images and replicates face-to-face interaction so realistically that participants feels as though they are all sitting in the same room – whether they are located across town or on different sides of the world. This capability control costs, make decisions faster, improve customer intimacy, scale scarce resources, and speed products to market. With Commtel offerings, we enable participants to focus on the meeting rather than the mechanics. It Help people work together to solve problems, make decisions, and present ideas faster regardless of distance.

Cisco TelePresence Manager

Simplifies scheduling, initiation, and management of Cisco TelePresence experiences. Facilitates one-button call scheduling and setup to simplify meeting startup.
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With only an existing PC or Mac and a web camera, thousands of users in a video-enabled enterprise can connect from public spaces or remote offices whenever needed.Read More


HD quality video, wide screen LCD displays, and Precision HD 1080p cameras: the 8″ interface is simple to use.

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Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series

Consists of a single-screen, three-camera system designed for a general-purpose room Supports six people per room for multipoint group meetings,

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Cisco TelePresence System 3010

Consists of a newly designed three-screen system with a table that seats six participants per room Facilitates team meetings and fits easily into most standard conference rooms.

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TANDBERG Codian MSE 8000 Series

Highly scalable and flexible, chassis-based platform All-in-one MCU, ISDN Gateway, IPVCR and IP Gateway solution Supports up to 1080p at 30 fps.

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Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

Offers superior scalability and easy installation Delivers automatic voice-activated switching for up to 48 locations in a single meeting across many endpoints.

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TANDBERG Telepresence Server

Chassis-based MSE 8710 is known for its scalability, reliability, resiliency and manageability Server actively monitors and manages the group of blades together

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Cisco TelePresence Commercial Express

Combines management, multipoint switching, and recording infrastructure components on a single server Optimizes data storage for performance.

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Telepresence Interoperability Protocol License

Provides any-to-any interoperability between Cisco TelePresence and other telepresence solution Uses the network as a platform for easier implementation and deployment Scales

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Any-to-Any Interoperability

Provides choice and simplicity with two platforms for delivering interoperability Delivers full Cisco TelePresence experience, including one-button-to-push meeting startup, to all Cisco TelePresence endpoints.

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Inter-Provider Cisco TelePresence

A transparent experiences across different telecommunication provider networks makes collaboration even easier.

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Cisco TelePresence Directory

Accelerates the planning process for meetings with anyone, anywhere Simplifies coordination of meetings with easy search options for resources, locations, and time zones.

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Public Cisco TelePresence Suites

Extends collaboration options with Cisco TelePresence Suites worldwide to publicly accessible locations in hotels and office complexesSimplifies connecting with remote or traveling co-workers, customers and business partners using hourly and daily rates.

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LifeSize® Conference 200™

Now more users in more places can realize the benefits of telepresence to improve their productivity, working face-to-face with colleagues in remote locations.

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