Visual Services

Our aim is to understand your organization the way you do. We will provide you with independent advice, the broadest range of industry expertise and even a hands-on demonstration of how you may transform the way you and your colleagues work together. We strive to bring a conceptual and creative connection into the work environment that is still professional, but does not distract from the key points. Our vision is to build the bridge between business owners and employees so that they may better comprehend your future goals. We deal in all types of audio visual equipments including projectors, rental equipments, design, installation, audience response systems, production and recording services and much more.

Infrastructure Services

Providing MCU or video / audio bridges for multipoint video conference,Providing ISDN Gateway for access to ISDN lines through IP network for DID / DOD access,Provisioning for IP VCR to record live conferencing and to be downloaded later for viewing and archiving.

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Onsite Services

We can help you build up a conference room on your premises, no matter what the nature of your business. We design, equip, and build a conference room that supports these or any other events your mission requires.

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Telepresense Rooms

We provide you with telepresence technology the goal of which is to replicate face-to-face communication virtually, thereby eliminating the cost and time of long distance travel.

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